The Week Ahead, and Looking Back

I’m in Los Angeles to participate in the United States Institute for Theatre Technology conference.   I used to attend USITT almost annually, and it seemed like it used to be in Long Beach at least every other year.    It has been a few years (three?) since I was able to attend.  The Long Beach location provided to big points of cost savings:   I could drive there, and I have friends in the area who are letting me sleep in their spare room.

Previous USITTs have been about (for me) job hunting,  product research, connecting with old friends, net working, and occasionally actually working the convention at a booth or table.    This time, while I am doing some product research, and I hope to see old friends, I have two main goals.   One is the classes, workshops, and sessions I am attending to become better at my job, and two is to talk to publishers (or a specific publisher), about the book I’m writing.   

To that end, I brought mostly nice cloths with me.  I remember running around past USITTs in ripped jeans, and old show T-shirts.  Not this time.  I have a suit, I have several kilt/dress shirt/vest ensembles.   

And because of hoping to do the book, I’m really nervous.   I wasn’t this nervous when I was at USITT to interview for jobs.  I wasn’t this nervous when I was representing an organization.

I always thought that once I reached my thirties, going to conventions and trade shows would be no big deal.  I would be cool and nonchalant.   Maybe that never changes.  I aslo figured I wouldn’t be nervous on opening night (or when presenting my design concepts for the first time).  I still am.  

So here I am getting ready for tomorrow.   My workshop/class thing tomorrow starts at 7 am — we were warned to be there, ready to go no later than 6:45.   I can’t get any information on if the convention center parking will be open then.  It had better be.  Tomorrow will also be my first day driving there.  I’m planning to arrive no later than 6:30 (and if google is right, i’ll arrive at 6:03).

I have lots I want to learn this week, and lots I want to do.   What it will be, who knows?   But I hope it will at the very least be a wonderful experience of learning.

And to that note, I may (if I’m awake enough), do daily blog posts about what I have learned that day, or a big wrap up at the end.

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